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Design and Contract Documentation

AGA offeres design services from the initial phases of a project such as conceptual or schematic through design development and into construction documents.  AGA Design provides close collaboration with the project client and design team to implement the initial ideas into a graphic representation that can be generated into contract documentation.  Substantial care is given to even these initial gestures to streamline and provide optimal efficiency for the duration of the design process.  

During the seamless transition between the Design Development phase and Contract Documentation, AGA Design refines the contract documents to plan check ready status and eventual construction.  

Project Management

AGA leads internal project design teams through the contract drawings production as well as overseeing individual tasks during construction administration.   The interface between the design team and construction team is vital for a project's success.  AGA embraces the collaborative approach in the field between architect and contractor  to expedite solutions and ensure successful completion. 

Code Analysis

AGA Design is sensitive to the health, safety and welfare of the public. Significant code analysis accompanies each project and begins in the early phases to help solve potential issues that arise down-the-road. 

Construction Administration

After the contract documents are completed, the role of the architect still continues through construction.  AGA Design assists the design team in the construction process to be the presence on the site that ensures the design intent is met.

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